The Ash Grove Academy Print Mini Page

Hitty Print Mini © Julie DeGroat 2003

To use just a few of these images, right click, and select 'save picture as' to your computer.
Or, feel free to print out this entire page. These minis are presented free of charge.
However, they are copyrighted images, and as such, should not be sold or distributed
in any other manner which involves a money transaction.
It is permissible to print them out for personal use, or to share with friends.
The scale is sort of flexible! This is not 1:12 dollhouse scale, but rather more geared to our Hittys.

Easter and Spring Signs and Banners




To Make Kites: measure across at tabs, and up and down at tabs. Cut a 1/8th dowel (or similar post) to length.
Fold tabs over the ends of the dowel, and glue down. Let dry. Take a string (I used crochet cotton) and tie it around the dowels
where they cross. Roll the other end around a tiny piece of wood or just form a ball. (I used some glue to keep this from coming undone)
Tie a string through the bottom of the kite. Tie small rags onto the string for the tail of the kite.


Color Your Own Kite!

Fold Seed Packets in half and glue.