Printable Dollhouse Mini PDs
Courtesty Sara Cole

The two pages of printable paper dolls are in 1 inch scale, and include paper doll pages, cut sets, and one book to construct. I originally created these in one-inch scale, intended for miniature collectors, so they aren't in the larger scale that Hitty normally uses, but they should work just fine for her nevertheless.

In creating the pages, I tried to present paper dolls from a variety of time periods-- I don't have paper dolls from every period, of course, but I do have a few from the late 1800s, a lot from the 1910s and 1920s, and a few modern.  Each mini on the printable pages is marked with the title of the original page and the date.  Of course, any paper doll mini could be appropriate for a representation of any time period after its original printing, because it could be framed on the wall or belong to a collector.

The magazine pages can be printed out as a full page, and I've added a black border around anything that is difficult to demarcate otherwise.  When cutting these, you should cut just inside the border.  The book Sugar and Spice is from 1977, and the entire book is there to be constructed.  Two of the pages are my original artwork,  so they would probably only belong in modern scenes.  Lastly, there are two sets of Dennison's and one set of Hortense, who is from 1888.  Hortense originally came in a sheet, but was cut many years ago, and the Dennison's dolls were die-cut when one bought them.  The printed Dennison's dresses didn't come die-cut, but again I only have the original sets.  The five crepe-paper dresses that I created are 3-D, and were created already 'cut'.  This being the case, all of these sets should be cut out to be authentic.  Of course, you are more than welcome to arrange them into little pages-- the reason I didn't do this is because I don't have any idea what the Dennison's outfits or Hortense pages would have looked like, and I didn't want to present anything that's not true to the original. 
Printable Mini Paper Dolls Page 1
Printable Mini Paper Dolls Page 2