Welcome to our page of printable mini accessories for Hitty, our 6 1/4" wooden Travel Doll.
Hitty has her own problems with finding printies to fit her unique scale. Dollhouse (1:12) minis often are just too small.
But on this site, we strive to perfect print mini items with Hitty 'scale' in mind.
Some of the printies offered may be useable in your (1:12) dollhouses, too!

The Print Minis on this site are free for personal use.
You may copy and save, and distribute them to doll clubs, friends, etc., as long as you do not charge.
You may use them as accessories in your ebay doll auctions, as long as they are not the focus of the auction.

If you wish to use any of our original printies in a commercial manner, contact us for permission first.
Donated printies (specially marked) will not be available for any use but personal.

The printies are not to any dollhouse scale (although they could certainly be used there), but are designed especially for Hitty.
I believe these printies would be suitable for any doll between 6" and 10"--just check them out.
If you have not heard of Hitty, or would like to read more about her,
please check out our Sister Site, Hittygirls.

Room & Room Accessories Printies


Camp Piney Woods Printies


Book Printies

.Miss Happiness & Miss Flower Books

Check out the Borrowers Book Discussion here.

 Check out the Miss Happiness and Miss Flower Discussion here.

Paperdoll Printies

Happy Birthday Paperdoll of Hitty 2007 Hitty Gertrude Bell , Hitty Sized


Holiday/Seasonal Printies


Misc. Printies

Looking for something that takes a step back from today’s fast-paced world of Internet and video games?
Try Welcome to Rabbitwood Farm for a glimpse into life, as it should be.
This book would make a lovely read-aloud when snuggling down on cozy winter nights,
and is a perfect bedtime book for young children.

Click Here for more details!


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